10 ways you can help us

It takes about 5 minutes (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7) and the rest is up to you, whenever you have time or ideas.

1. You are already helping us by reading this! I am in charge with this project since 2010, achieved in 2016.

2. Register the website (takes about 2 minutes). You get me closer to our 10.000 Jaycees target.

3. Photo-Buzz the project by sending me a photo to create an “i sustain” declaration. (browse and go – examples)

4. Connect-Me with the responsible of communication in your organization for best exchange. (email and go)

5. Page-Up your Chapter, verifying if we get accurate date in database. (example)

6. Like our “JCI Connect page on Facebook (click, like)

7. Join our “Junior Chamber International community on Facebook (click, join)

8. Send-Me Info about your important actions, to publish and spread the word.

9. Talk2Me if something goes wrong during the website experiences. Appreciate feedback (especially the bad things!)

10. Be-Openmind to use data or request help for any project you have. There is always a possibility to “connect” the opportunities in life.

Helping this project grow

  • boost our  chances to present it to the next European and World Conferences
  • update and unify the JCI database worldwide
  • helps to a better connectivity between young people around the world

Thank you

Claudiu Gamulescu