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We are awesome

We believe in all we do and we always succeeded to deliver excellent experiences to users through projects. Over 10.000 hours of experience are speaking for themselves in terms of vision and execution. We do networking as a second nature. Everybody who was presented the idea of “Connect” they just loved it. So, is a matter of time if you are reading this words before or after the notoriety has come.

We are innovative

The world is changing and also our interpretation in online project management. We started prospecting, then implementing on mobile, evolving in social media, to create finally a beautiful search engine, hooked in marketing by a blog doing databases on offine spreadsheets fed by standard code … Sounds crazy, but we experiment alternatives , never ceasing to innovate. The goal ? Providing you a long-lasting “always new” project …

We are evolving

Promote community accelerates the principle of perception, realizing the social responsibility of business. Feature advertising is innovative. The current project is designed to improve access to JCI members records and their online interaction. The project integrates a large database and complete new set of features giving boost through internet technologies.

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October 2013
Stickers, BusinessCardsPitching in Workshop

May 2013
JCI EC Congress Monaco Website Promo
T-Shirts ROFRback Wine BottlesBusinessCards, Pitching in Workshop

December 2012

June 2012
Flyers (Testing Paid Search)

February 2012
Flyers (Testing Paid Search)

November 2011
Flyers (Launching App)

September 2011
JCI WC Congress Bruxelles Mobile App Launch
Flyers (Launching App)

June 2011

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