Cameroon Football Development Program partners JCI Cameroon

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This week, they would like to highlight one of our biggest partners in Cameroon! They have been working closely with Junior Chamber International (JCI). Their mission? To create positive change in the world. It’s that simple.

You can see the direct correlation with our both mission and vision. Three of CFDP members, who serve as executives of the newly-revived Kumba chapter, attended the National JCI Conference in Buea, Cameroon this past weekend. It’s safe to say, the Kumba Chapter of JCI is back!

CFDPCameroon Football Development Program

Mission: Use sport as a platform for mobilizing, educating, and enhancing the social, physical, and intellectual development of young boys and girls living in underserved areas of Cameroon, Africa.

Who we are: A team of young, dedicated volunteers, entrepreneurs, service workers, students, and youth coaches from both sides of the Atlantic united by our love for soccer and belief in sustainable development. Our Cameroonian team oversees day-to-day operations from our office space in the central market of Kumba, Cameroon, and our US team dials in from East Liberty, Pittsburgh. Together, we share in our vision of a Cameroonian society in which youth have the opportunity, skills set, and mind set to overcome the destitute poverty and health crises that plague much of the African continent to become the most productive and effective leaders of tomorrow.

Headquarters: Kumba, South West Region, Cameroon, Africa

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