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38, entrepreneur, Claudiu Gamulescu is living now in Laval, France, taking care of his internet startup
He is one of the founders of JCI Brasov (Romania), VP Internationalism for JCI Romania, 2 years together with JCE Lyon and a proud present member of JCE Laval.



1. How did you realize that you are an entrepreneur ?
Claudiu Gamulescu: After i finished the Academy of Economics in Bucharest, i was the only person i knew not running with CVs to multinationals. I risked opening a small technology business and i sticked to this. I realized much later that being on my own was the only possible way for my personality.

2. Why Internet?
Claudiu Gamulescu: I was trained for diplomacy. My dream was to act global from any office and at any hour, allowing myself a flexible program and satisfy the need to travel. So … in plus, now everybody loves it, (my mother that was ashamed of her son “doing nothing called internet” back in 1998.)

3. Octopus?
Claudiu Gamulescu: Is the joke of one of my good friends, when after days of trying to conclude a deal, he spoke with many people, everybody telling him to hire me. Finally he gave me that name, saying “Sir, your arms are everywhere, you are the Octopus of Internet ! 🙂

4. Connecting the dots ?
Claudiu Gamulescu: One of my dearest theories is Karinthy’s ”6 degrees of separation”. The internet is able to make 1 degree from 6. My startup is about this information ocean, where you can find another business-fish within seconds.

5. What is the most useful thing you learnt in management?
Claudiu Gamulescu: Never start a new “to do” list without finishing your old “to do” list. If one day you start thinking like this, you will plan better your time, energy, money and resources. You see clearer by defining smaller but reachable objectives, having less regrets in general.

6. Higher objectives are not motivating ?
Claudiu Gamulescu: Is not about dreaming, is about execution. Our brain cannot manage more than 7 processes in the same time. 3 of them assures your vital functions, so you can invest maximum 4 in objectives. Everybody should carefully choose.

7. You say there is no family time ?
Claudiu Gamulescu: For me comes the first! When you start young, you have only time and all the energy in the world. With age you understand that experience gains time, that money buys time and you are rich only having this scarce resource.

8. You are not even 40 …
Claudiu Gamulescu: Yes, but i am in the third developing stage. In my opinion people should change the work every five years and should pass to another stage every ten years, starting at the age of 15. The decades shoud be dedicated to 1)Fun 2)Learn 3)Business/Career 4)Build 5)Share 6)Re-Learn 7)Fun.

9. What you recommend to younger entrepreneurs ?
Claudiu Gamulescu: Younger, older, doesn’t matter… The only advice is TALK. On stage, at conferences or in the small corner, to your wife and to unknown people in the train. Talking (like writing or design) structure ideas. Get ideas out of your head and speak loud your projects.

10. JCI, one thought ?
Claudiu Gamulescu: JCI just happened to me and after many years i can tell it was one of the best experiences. I think if people discover JCI at 18, they are just in time to Learn, having Fun and prepare for Business (first 3 decades). I not only recommend, i wish you that !

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