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Jan Holm Rasmussen from Denmark is Twinning Coordinator and responsible for JCI Events ( So, it is just obvious that he marked the World Congress in Leipzig in his calendar. „I always try to motivate Jaycees to attend conferences and congresses“, says Jan. „Lots of great people and exclusive experience is what a Congress means“. Jan has been a member JCI Arosia, Aarhus since 2007. We talked to Jan about the World Congress in Leipzig:

1. Why do you want to attend the World Congress in Leipzig?

JCI Events : The World Congress is a very good opportunity to meet international people with a positive attitute. But also an opportunity to meet people from my own country but from other regions. I expect the World Congress guests to be very different and from different cultures. So I feel sure it will be a good place to learn from other people and to share ideas.

2. What do you expect from the World Congress in Leipzig and a World Congress in Germany?

JCI Events : I have participated at many german conferences in the last years. The german conferences are usually very impressive regarding sponsoring and program content. So I expect a fantastic program with location tours, company visits and lots of learning.

3. What are you looking forward to the most?

JCI Events : I look very much forward to meet people with a positive and very international mind setup. To exchanges cultural differences, to learn and to have fun together with a lot of great people. A conference is a great opportunity to say hello to old friends and to find new friends.

4. What feeling do Jaycees in your home country have regarding the World Congress?

JCI Events : People from my country seem to be very positive about the World Congress. For us the travel cost will be limited and a lot of my JCI connections do prioritize the World Congress because it is a big event. I feel sure they will be very happy to participate – a JCI congress is one of the best ways to extend the network.

Interview by Katalin Birta.
source : official website

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