JCI Budapest is leading bankers among the young business people

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October is host to annual ceremony (National Convention) of Budapest Enterprise Agency, an umbrella  for the domestic chapter of JCI Budapest, Hungary.

First half of the gala event, the National Assembly voted for the presidency next year:
Erno Jójárt (national chairman),
dr. Heavenly Robin (National Vice President)
Peter Szamosközi (Honorary Vice-President).

The evening ceremony and gala – which take place in a four-star city hotel

The participants heard the Luxembourg-born  Rémy Jacob  lecture,director of the Institute and the AAA-rated EIB European Investment Bank (EIB) Dean.

The  European Investment Bank  is the world’s largest multinational creditors, in 2011 more than 450 billion euros loan place out. This is pretty much the World Bank (the second largest) and the EBRD (6th largest) combined loan portfolio of the three times. However, due to the crisis in order to preserve the stability of the outstanding amount declined somewhat this year, it is still 50 to 60 billion euros have been projects. The funding opportunities may want to know this yearJCI_.jpg

– Increased by a total of EUR 10 billion in capital in the Member States

– This is a further EUR 60 billion in outstanding loans

– Which, at 30% cost of € 200 billion of investment funding helped implemented around the world. (Previous seven years, the continent Hungary received the most support to nearly 20 billion euros of 3.6-tal, and the second 2.4-Poland mixture.)

In the capital as a “post-largest metro Quartet” called me one example of tram track reconstruction of one of them. On its own business development of EIB provides EUR 15 billion in additional financing to the SME sector  – primarily in Europe energy efficiency, transport and info communications (broadband Internet access within it) today.

The Foundation for the event was important – conducted after the beginning of the year, student organization meeting – because of a new joint program was held at an international meeting where the importance of business development could hear a world-renowned leader. Served as a special joy that the event was also the premiere is  “The future leaders – the elite professional organization in Hungary, 2013 “book by which partner organization in the Budapest Enterprise Agency as well.


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