JCI Global Partnership Summit 2014

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July 23 to 25, New York City, United States

“Youth should be given a chance to take an active part in the decision-making of local, national and global levels.”
-United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Leading Global Collaboration: The Role of Young Active Citizens

The world we live in today is constantly evolving. Traditional solutions to global challenges are no longer sufficient. Young active citizens seize this opportunity to take local action to achieve sustainable impact. Uniting citizens from the government, business and civil sectors allows us to expand our ability to create impact for a better world. At the 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit, JCI delegates and partners will gather to discuss the most pressing challenges of our time. As we approach the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, JCI members continue their grassroots work to advance these global challenges. They conduct needs-based, action-oriented projects focused on health and wellness, education and economic empowerment and sustainability. The time is now to change the conversation toward the future. The youth of today engaged in all sectors of society play an important role in the development of the post 2015 global agenda.

What needs do you see in your community?

What priorities matter to you in the post 2015 global development agenda based on these needs?

How can we unite all sectors of society to expand our ability to create sustainable impact?

Join us in New York City to continue the exciting discussion of our world in 2015 and beyond.

The Summit will focus on providing young active citizens with the tools and information necessary to impact their communities through targeted action and strategic partnerships.

Expected Results
The Summit aims to accomplish the following

  • Engage thought leaders from the three sectors of society to explore best practices in collaboration, leading the conversation with the unique JCI perspective.
  • Highlight strategic partnerships and how they can be implemented at the local level using the three stages of community development to advance the current MDG agenda.
  • Showcase outstanding projects aligned with the JCI Active Citizen Framework from around the world to motivate and inspire active citizens to create sustainable impact.
  • Activate and engage young people to participate in the post-2015 global development process.

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