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    Suceava is the largest city and the seat of Suceava County, in the Bukovina region, in north-eastern Romania. The city was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1388 to 1565

    For nearly 200 years the city of Suceava was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia and the main residence of the Moldavian princes (between 1388 and 1565). The city was the capital of the lands of Stephen the Great, one of the pivotal figures in Romanian history, who died in Suceava in 1504. During the rule of Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, the seat was moved to Iaşi in 1565 and Suceava failed to become the capital again. Michael the Brave captured the city in 1600 during the Moldavian Magnate Wars as he became the ruler of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania, but he was defeated the same year.

    Together with the rest of Bukovina, Suceava was under the rule of the Habsburg Monarchy (later Austria-Hungary) from 1775 to 1918; the border of Habsburg domains passed just south-east of the city. At the end of World War I, it became part of Greater Romania.

    Moldavian chronicler Grigore Ureche presumed the name of the city came from the Hungarian Szűcsvár, which is combined of the words szűcs (furrier, skinner) and vár (castle). This was taken over by Dimitrie Cantemir, who in his work Descriptio Moldaviae gave the very same explanation of the origin of the city's name, however, there are neither historical nor vernacular evidences for this. According to another theory, the city bears the name of the river with the same name, that is supposed to be of Ukrainian origin.

    In German, the city is known as Sotschen, in Hungarian as Szucsáva (pronounced [ˈsutʃaːvɒ]), in Polish as Suczawa, in Ukrainian as Сучава (pronounced [sut͡ʃawa]), while in Yiddish as שאָץ' (pronounced [ʃɔts]).

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  • Suceava, Suceava County, Romania